National Maintenance Solutions

Where customer service is not a thing of the past, but a pathway to the future.


Commercial & Industrial Property Management


NATIONAL MAINTENANCE SOLUTION is a  company with an emphasis on service and an innovative approach to design. We pay special attention to our clients' tastes and needs in formulating and completing our projects, which includes adhering to a specific schedule of work and completion dates. While NATIONAL MAINTENANCE SOLUTION employs a large amount of knowledgeable and enthusiastic landscapers, we  have the capibility to set the standards for  reputable landscape contractors National wide. For these projects we offer our clients comprehensive design services and project support. Our resourses allow us to be  involved in a hundreds of projects at any one time and  NATIONAL MAINTENANCE SOLUTION ensure that each project gets the attention required to exceed our clients' expectations.


Mission Statement

The purpose of National Maintance Solution Inc., is to provide the highest quality workmanship as Industrial Contractors to Government, Private and Commercial industries.


At National Maintance Solution Inc. our customers are our top priority. Our greatest asset is our abundant resourse of trained and skilled professionals these employees have the confidence and ability to work together to achieve the the highest standards in our industry. The quality for which we strive is always matched with safety and concern for our clients, budget, vendors and  their customers everyday.


·  Unequivocal excellence in all aspects of the company
·  Honesty & integrity
·  "Become the dominant player in commercial Maintenance Solution Service"
·  We strive to be a company where genuine commitment to quality is clearly shown in our product,   our work environment, and our customer